Urgent Needs

Our urgent needs locations are places where there is a need for donations but we DO NOT have a chapter nearby.  

In order to donate to these organizations, you will need to clean any gently used items FIRST before donating as these will not be going through a chapter member.  It is very important that these donations are clean, in good condition, and free of any tears, smells, or stains.  

Below is a link to our SAFE cleaning guide for further information on how to clean the stuffed animal donations.

These urgent needs locations accept all kinds of stuffed animals and other items.  For complete information on what these organizations accept, please e-mail urgentneeds@safe-inc.org and you will receive an auto-reply with complete information on how and where to donate.


Urgent Needs Locations



Adoptaplatoon was founded in 1998 and is a volunteer-based nonprofit dedicated to serving deployed United States service men and women ensuring they are not forgotten.  They send cards, letters, and care packages to provide a better quality of life and to increase morale among the troops.  Included in some of these care packages are stuffed animals which the service men and women can give to local civilians to foster good relations and provide a small gift to children in war-torn areas.

Lincoln Child Advocacy Center

New York

The Lincoln Child Advocacy Center (CAC) is a non-profit institution providing psychosocial, medical, and mental health services for child abuse victims for infancy through adolescence. The children that they serve have either been physically abused or sexually abused.  Our donations go to help these children feel more SAFE during this traumatic time.

4 KIDS Charity


4 KIDS Charity provides essential items to needy families so that they can become more self-sufficient and in turn help to improve their children's lives.  Their ultimate aim is providing programs and resources that strengthen American families of all kinds.  Our donations go to help these children feel a little more safe and comforted.

Families and Children Together


Families And Children Together, (F.A.C.T.), was created in 1993 by a group of foster parents and social workers. Their mission was, and remains, to create a family-focused agency that encourages and fosters the development and healing of children facing emotional and behavioral challenges.  Our donations go far in helping these children deal with what they are going through.

No Animal Left Unfed, Inc.


This is a 501c3 nonprofit that serves the area of Hartford County, Connecticut. They see over 400 families annually not only for hardships regarding taking care of their pets, but also their children. This organization has requested stuffed animals to give to the children they help.  

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies is recognized as an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Tax ID#45-5062724.