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Stuffed Animal Drives
You can make a difference in your own community!
A stuffed animal drive is a great way to help children in your own community who could really use the comfort during traumatic and emotional situations.  It is a free way that your community can work together to help others and also it is helping our planet by recycling stuffed animals that are in wonderful condition and shouldn't be thrown away. 

In 2010, a high school student named Harris decided he wanted to make a difference for the children of Haiti after their devastating earthquake in January of 2010.  Harris decided to hold a stuffed animal drive and by the end of the drive he had collected 4,626 stuffed animals!  Amazing job!  Here are some additional pictures from his drive:


Approximately 1,100 of the stuffed animals Harris collected were from an elementary school nearby called the May Moore School.  They spent a lot of time and effort in planning their drive, organizing the donations, and coordinating the delivery to Harris' high school.  Here is a great picture of Susan Steinman and her second grade class who did such a great job for the children of Haiti.  They also created a great website which shows you all about their drive and how it was done including pictures of their event and a great video.  Please check out their website below to read all about it:


Stuffed animal drives are great community service projects, school group projects, Girl Scout/Boy Scout projects, and church projects.  These drives really show children how they can help other children just by giving away something they already have and don't use anymore.

If you are interested in doing your own stuffed animal drive for SAFE or another organization, please download the SAFE Stuffed Animal Drive Checklist below for more information on what to expect, how to clean the stuffed animals, and how to organize and distribute the stuffed animals.

SAFE Stuffed Animal Drive Checklist

We also have a list of possible donation locations to give you ideas of where you can donate if you do not have a SAFE chapter in your area.  You can click on the link below to download it:

Possible Donation Locations

Below is also a flyer I created to help advertise your drive.  Please download it, insert your drive and contact information at the bottom, and distribute.  You are also more than welcome to create your own flyers/posters for your event.  Please click below to download:

SAFE flyer to advertise your drive

If you have any questions at all that are not answered here, please contact Jennifer at:


Also, please let me know when your stuffed animal drive is finished and I can e-mail you a certificate of appreciation and we would love to post any pictures of your drive on our front page, Facebook and Twitter accounts to say thank you! 

Thank you so much for wanting to help your own community and recycle stuffed animals at the same time, it really does help so many children!

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