S.A.F.E. - Stuffed Animals For Emergencies, Inc.
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Our Story
Unfortunately everyday around the world children are caught in traumatic, emotional and transitional situations.  For this reason in 1997 a woman named Cammie Sanders, Ms. Florida US Continental 2002, founded project SAFE (Stuffed Animals For Emergencies) to give these children a little joy during these troubling times.  SAFE chapter members collect new and gently used stuffed animals, toys, books and blankets to be redistributed to emergency organizations, childrens services, hospitals, homeless shelters and many other places that help children during times of crisis.  These emergency organizations use the stuffed animals to ease the childrens' nerves and calm their fears.  Your donations let the children know you care and help them feel a little more SAFE when they need it most. 

In 2004, new obligations kept Cammie from being involved in SAFE as much as she would like so Cheryl Famigletti of the Texas Chapter offered to step in and be the Director of SAFE in hopes of carrying on Cammie's great work.  Cheryl helped SAFE by expanding the chapter base, creating a website and being a chapter member herself, collecting 1,000s of stuffed animals that were distributed in her own community.  We thank you Cheryl for all your hard work and dedication!

In April of 2009 Cheryl made the difficult decision to step down as Director of SAFE due to obligations in her own life.  On May 4, 2009 Jennifer Alloy of the Ohio Chapter (that's me in the picture with the two stuffed animals I used to create the graphics for the website) took over as the National Director of SAFE.  I am so excited to continue Cammie and Cheryl's great work to expand SAFE all around the world so we can provide comfort to children everywhere just when they need it the most.  Please join me in making your donations to one of our chapter members or by starting a stuffed animal drive of your own!  You really can make a difference in a child's life and help reuse gently used stuffed animals that still have a lot of love to give!

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